Why do BIM and Lean Construction belong together?

The answer is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The rating on my picture is clear. Years ago, I wrote a non-commercial blog first about BIM and then about BIM and Lean Construction. After more than 250 entries, I had said everything there is to say. Since then, I have been observing the content on social networks. I am pleased that there are always new authors and readers who write about BIM or Lean Construction. It is time for the OR to be replaced with AND.


The BIM method organizes and monitors the digital twins and their digital and real components in all phases. BIM does not organize the cooperation of the different teams.

Lean Construction

The Lean Construction method organizes the agile, transparent and cooperative cooperation of the different teams in all phases.

My findings

I have many contacts in companies. Many companies have already taken the first step or are in the process of constructing model based. This starts with most companies. Most companies, especially those that organize projects, use software developers’ platforms to share the model data, depending on the CAD software. The way in which companies work together or how they work within the companies has not changed. Even in companies that have already meet Lean Construction, the schedules are often set from above by the project managers or BIM managers. Many people then firmly believe that they work Lean and are surprised that neither planning nor construction process is the expected productivity. It is not enough simply to learn Lean Construction. It is important to live Lean Construction in the cooperation of the teams.

My tips

Tip1 for BIM beginners: Introduce the BIM method using the Lean Construction method. Then it will be faster and more efficient.

Tip2 for BIM and Lean Construction advanced: If you feel you are not productive, read my next article.

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