What do BIM consultants and lean construction consultants have in common?

As a mentor, I occasionally receive requests for consultant or software product recommendations. The focus of a project is still the project manager or BIM manager. I have written many articles about it on social networks in recent years.

The answer to my initial question is easy to answer. The only thing in common is the word “consultant”. Almost all consultants, trainers, software manufacturers, product managers or resellers have either the topic „BIM“ or the topic „Lean Construction“ in the consulting, training, or software program. A holistic view is difficult for many people. It takes a lot of time to grasp the entire complexity and acquire the knowledge, which is often not available in the fast-paced time.

It is interesting in this context that even large consulting companies and software manufacturers have not really succeeded in this holistic view of the digital twin in combination with the agile, transparent, and collaborative methods of cooperation. The same applies to the large associations, which represent either issue or another.

Only when there is a general understanding of the necessary connection between BIM and Lean Construction is, we on the right track.

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