How many BIM and Lean Construction stars would you give yourself?

The methods BIM and Lean Construction are the dream team in the construction industry. The question is how you would rate your productivity around BIM and Lean Construction. Currently we do not reach any of you the 5 stars in the rating. But do you know your status quo? In my article I try to give you simple criteria and descriptions. It does not always have to be considered.

Evaluation criteria

We live in a world that is becoming more and more digitized. No matter how enthusiastic you are about digitization, you must get used to the fact that it can’t be done without it. You took your first steps at the end of the 80s of the last century. Since then, it has gone incessantly and further. Some of you will not be thrilled by the increasing speed of digitization. But the wheel of history cannot be turned back. In my short description, I deliberately refrain from looking at BIM or Lean Construction. Many expert colleagues have already written about this.

• Methodological basic knowledge

• First applications in projects

• Digital internal implementation

• Applications in cross-company teams

• Perfect digital continuity in all project phases

You are on your way.

You have dealt with the topics BIM and Lean Construction and want to start.

⭐ Basic Methodological knowledge

You will acquire basic knowledge about BIM and Lean Construction. You hire a consultant and/or trainer to assist you in this. Without software offered for your field, you cannot create digital BIM twins. Lean Construction works without software. But your trainers are probably documenting your first projects in Excel spreadsheets to show you your productivity in the form of charts.

⭐⭐ First Applications in Projects

You participate in first projects or organize your first projects. You realize that it is sometimes expensive because you work in a mixed form of manual and digital working methods. Instead of the expected productivity, you realize that you sometimes have a higher effort.

⭐⭐⭐ Digital Internal Implementation

You are trying to improve your own digital landscape. You succeed in part. Your BIM way of working is improving, and you realize that I should buy you a software for Lean Construction.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Applications in Cross-Company Teams

You are working hard to improve, and your company is slowly but surely improving the mood. But you have noticed that the participating companies are often still at the 3-star-level in the planning phase and in the construction phase. If you and the other companies want to work together productively in different teams, you need to work together to improve the way you work together. Once you have reached these 4 stars together, you will organize the projects agile, transparent, collaborative, and digital.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Perfect digital continuity in all project phases

You are talking to all the companies involved in the teams about improving your collaboration. Except for the small inconsistencies that occur again and again, you are united in a relationship. Human cooperation works by and large, but in digital collaboration it does not work smoothly in all places. Why it does not work smoothly, I will describe in another article.

My tip

The biggest difficulty in all of this is that you must be able to evaluate yourself and your companies. You may need a neutral and honest partner to report openly and honestly about your company, your teamwork, your problems, and your desires. Find an experienced mentor to listen to you and show ways to improve your situation. A consultant wants to sell services and products. A mentor offers you help for self-help.

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