Do we need swarm intelligence in Building Information Modeling?

I am concerned as to why BIM, despite all our efforts, has not yet been widely used, even though everyone knows that the use of BIM makes sense. What prevents many from introducing BIM? Why do those who have introduced BIM stop at some point? Why do individual groups of users from the construction industry resign?

People always tend to blame other people for problems. Apportioning blame is an easy-to-use tool to distract from either your own ignorance or unexplainable or unsolvable things. But apportioning blame does not solve the problems we have at BIM.

Many wise minds have observed nature over the centuries and have developed mathematical formulas that are valid to this day and will continue to exist in the future. Even unexplainable things can be roughly calculated with the help of chaos theory. But does the famous flapping of a butterfly’s wings help us to overcome the problems we have with BIM?

Without our digital achievements, BIM would not exist. Our digital world is created by humans. In many areas, we are in the process of thinking about the use of artificial intelligence. Someone has certainly come up with the idea of using artificial intelligence in the construction industry. Artificial intelligence requires a lot of data to learn. If we assume that BIM is not yet at the level we would like, artificial intelligence lacks the basis of many fully digitally implemented BIM projects to support us in the current situation.

Without people’s ideas, there would be no digitization. Without digitization, BIM would not exist. As always in life, it seems that man is the problem and not the technique. Through his observations of nature, man has looked at many useful things for the construction of buildings. Will we also make progress in solving our problem if we now make use of the behavior of living beings in nature again? Is swarm intelligence possibly an appropriate solution?

Swarm intelligence in the animal world has already been researched and new aspects are constantly being added. One of the findings is when and why a large group of animals behave the way they behave. A namesake of mine has found that 5% is a critical amount. When ≥5% of the fish of a swarm suddenly move in the same direction, the swarm automatically follows them. If there are fewer, the others do not react.

Humans are either BIM users or BIM producers. Since BIM is a digital achievement, BIM users do not come into play until the digital prerequisites are created. That is why I look primarily at the group of BIM producers with the software manufacturers, consultants, distributors, resellers, lecturers, and all of them.

To implement BIM in a meaningful way, a large group of BIM producers with a wide range of expertise is required. Let us assume that all those involved are in a large swarm. Since we have not yet managed to bundle all users in a large community, the swarm of BIM producers of the attackers is missing. If an attacker is missing, the swarm does not see why it needs to form. The swarm is in the limited space of the construction industry and floats around disorderly. Every now and then some protagonists collide. Let us assume that all BIM users could form meaningfully and move towards the BIM producers. Would at least 5% of the employees of the BIM producers make it together and swim in the same direction? Do they even want it? Are the BIM producers even able to form? Now, I assume that every software manufacturer will still be trying to find its own salvation in flight and will not be watching its competitors.

I admit that there is something frustrating about my reflection. Since neither the user group nor the group of software manufacturers manages to ally themselves meaningfully without prejudice and recriminations, we must first continue to live with the shortcomings in digitalization in the construction industry. I asked myself the questions a few years ago: „Do we have to live with the situation?“ or better still „What can we change?“ I would have a sensible disruptive idea. To implement it, however, requires a swarm of BIM producers.

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