Do BIM and Lean Construction behave like Yin and Yang?

This week I had an interesting discussion with a colleague on LinkedIn. After the discussion, I thought of the comparison.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are two concepts of Chinese philosophy, especially Daoism. They stand for polarly opposing and yet interrelated dual forces or principles that do not fight each other but complement each other (quote from Wikipedia). On the social networks you will find many interesting descriptions of Yin and Yang. If you reduce the content to one sentence, you will always come to the sentence formulated in Wikipedia.

BIM and Lean Construction

Now, when you replace Yin and Yang with BIM and Lean Construction, you must think a little bit about the nature of the two forces. I have already mentioned this in my previous articles. For me, the two methods complement each other very well. Now, however, there are also forces that either ignore and hinder or prevent this meaningful addition out of economic interest. I do not presuppose that this is done intentionally in all cases. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of ignorance at play. Try to get out of your hamster wheel every now and then and look beyond your own edge. Maybe my articles will help you as a little thought-booster.

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