Yesterday I chatted with a client. Our chat eventually changed into the philosophical about the dimensions in the construction industry. An explanation of the term philosophy can be found in Wikipedia. When you philosophize with others about the dimensions in the construction industry, it does not have to mean that you always have the same views and come to the same results. In my article, I have summarized my thoughts on this in a concise way.


With 3D, we all probably come to the same conclusion, because it is about the spatial dimensions, whether we are talking about the real or digital structure.


The fourth dimension is time. With space and time, we can describe how a real and a digital building is created. The chronological sequence of the emergence of a real and digital structure may differ significantly. The collaboration and sequence of tasks of teams in planning and teams on the construction site can vary greatly. In the planning we are looking for the optimal solution for a building and on the construction site an optimal planning should then become a reality.


The fifth dimension for me is the components human, material and money. I prefer to use the term component rather than the term source. To call a person a source is always a little questionable. The quality of the teams and their work, the selection of the right material for the building, the optimal design of the aids and the budgets available are crucial for the efficient and productive creation of a real and digital structure.


For me, digitalization is the sixth dimension. Only a sensible use of digitalization ensures even better efficiency and productivity. Digitization is intended to sustainably support all teams at every stage of construction. Digitization is not an end, but an aid that can and can advance. For example, 3D printers can create a part of a complete structure. Whether the material used is sustainable is another question. Or, for example, with data glasses and the use of X-Reality, we can support many processes in the development phases in a meaningful way. We can minimize the number of meetings with real presence of the teams by working in many places. Corona provides a certain boost in this area.


Now it gets a little adventurous but not completely absurd. The use of artificial intelligence would be the seventh dimension for me. Artificial intelligence, however, will not be able to replace humans so quickly in many areas of the construction industry. Artificial intelligence, however, could help us review our decisions in advance. Artificial intelligence could come to us with suggestions and alternatives. In this way, mistakes could perhaps be avoided at an early stage. Artificial intelligence, however, requires a lot of digital data from all phases of construction to present meaningful proposals. There is still a long way to go and requires that we work out the basics for this in 6D.

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